Aston Martin 1973 V8 Series 2 MFi Volante (Banham Convertible) GEL 344L

Offered for sale at £89,995

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History of car as follows:-

I purchased car in September 2002 with 67286 miles recorded.  The car had some service history with various invoices, mostly form Aston Service Dorset, and with the previous owner having bought the car just a year earlier.  The car had apparently been in storage for six years prior to his purchase. The car was originally built in March 1973 as a coupe finished in cornish gold and was converted by Paul Banham in 1980 to a Volante and repainted storm red. Paul Banham (Banmoco) became well known for his cabriolet conversions on Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Daimler and Jaguar cars. Full details of the Banham Astons can be found at

I spoke to Paul shortly after I bought the car and he said the it was owned by a member of Bob Geldof’s ‘Boom Town Rats’ who wanted it converted to a Volante.

Between 2003 and 2004 I just used the car on the occasional sunny day and it was serviced and MOT’d with local classic car dealer. I joined the AMOC and attended a few meetings and asked around as to who was the best person to have the car properly ‘sorted’ by. Everyone recommended Tim Butcher at Trinity Engineering ( and so I took the car to Tim and asked him to look over it. He basically said if you want to keep it and bring it back to how an Aston should be then it needs a lot of work. So, in the beginning of 2005 it underwent a full chassis and mechanical restoration with Aston specialist Trinity Engineering, which was finally completed in May 2006. This included a complete engine overhaul, new automatic transmission, new wheel bearings, track rod ends, complete suspension rebuild with new bushes etc, brake overhaul, electrical overhaul and complete chassis overhaul with many new sections, sills etc. In short, everything was done to bring the car to mechanical and structural excellence.  The interior was re-connolised. The cost was over £35,000.

From 2006 to 2012 I again just used the car on the occasional sunny day and my local classic dealer, Jennings, continued to do the MOT’s and routine yearly servicing and Trinity looked after anything more major.

In 2007 a new alternator + ancillaries, speedo drive, viscous fan, stainless exhaust silencers, driving lamps and interior cubby box were fitted by Trinity.
2008 Fuel pump was rebuilt.

2009 Interior vinyl trim replaced with black leather - dash, under dash panels, dash top, door panels, door tops and arm rests. New carpets were also fitted.

2011 Roof frame was overhauled and repaired.  Structural repairs to the A posts and windscreen pillars. New windscreen and seal. Cost was over £5000

Unfortunately I was little able to use the car used from 2012 onwards due to work commitments.  Mileage at MOT in September 2012 was 73580.  It was SORN in 2013.  MOT in May 2014 at 73846 miles.  SORN again between 2015 - 2018 and kept in dry garage during this time.

In March 2018 I took the car back to Trinity and they completed another major overhaul with the mandate to do whatever was necessary to again bring the car to mechanical excellence.  Work done included:-

                engine - new gaskets to inlet manifolds, plenham chambers, pipework, cam covers, new cam bungs, new throttle linkage ball joints, complete service. Fuel Injection tuned.
                electrical - HT leads replaced, new starter motor, relays, new fuel tank sender, battery replaced, new windscreen washer pump, hoses, wipers.
                cooling - new radiator, new water pump
                transmission - new inhibitor switch, gaskets, mountings, oils seals, diff oil seals, hub seals
                steering - new steering rack, pipework, track rod ends, kingpin ball joints.
                front suspension - new upper bushes and anti-roll bar links
                brakes - all callipers overhauled with new stainless pistons, seals, pipes, hoses, new servo, handbrake callipers overhauled.
                wheels - all wheels specialist refurbished and new Avon Turbospeed tyres fitted
                chassis - repair to front edge boot floor, OSR chassis leg, wing fillet, jack point, radius arm and floor area.  Spare wheel cavity sealed.
                New MOT to April 2019. Mileage 74012
                Cost over £27,000
The cars bodywork has always been excellent and has been maintained as necessary by local  car bodyshop throughout my ownership.

In short this is a truly superb Aston and if it were a totally original Aston Volante it would be worth well over £200,000 in this condition. The reason I am selling it is that I won’t have time to use it due to work commitments and having got the car to excellence again it would be shame for it to be sitting in a garage unused.

Driving this car is just awesome. The fuel injection used on the Mk 2’s produces nearly as much power as the Vantage and way more than the carburettor V8’s, so the performance is fabulous. Nothing beats slipping it into 1st gear at 40 mph, flooring the throttle and blasting off. The noise and sense of occasion is exhilarating. My Mercedes E400 Cabriolet may be technically far superior but the Aston is the most fun. Hopefully someone else may soon come to enjoy that.

Once a sale is agreed, it will be fully serviced again by Trinity Engineering, prior to completion of sale.

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Dr Simon Smyth, April, 2019.